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After the Liturgy of the Holy Eucharist (Holy Communion, we gather around the Table to enjoy a pot-luck meal.  The food is great and the conversation lively!  One of the strengths of St. Stephen's is the fact that we can and do disagree about many things during lunch, but we keep coming back each Sunday not because we agree with one another, but because we love one another.  That is Christ living in us, and we celebrate our differences!

We invite you to both worship with us and join us at the Table for lunch.


The word's of former Presiding Bishop Edmund Browning have always resonated with us at Saint Stephen's:  "In this Church there shall be no Outcasts."  Perhaps that is because each of us recognizes our own "oddity."   We appreciate diversity in opinions and beliefs, and strive to be accepting of the differences that make each of us unique children of God.  We invite you to share in that diversity. 

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